Relief from pain and itching of skin

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Relief from pain and itching of skin

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Namashkar friends,

I am suffering from chronic eczema from childhood. I have consulted an ayurvedic doctor in my place and he gave me these medicines : Chandanasava (for uti), brahmi rasayan + ashwagandharishta (for hypothyroidism and memory loss), Sharibadyarishta, khadirarishta, manikyaras, guduchadi louha, panchatikta ghrita guggul and guduchadi oil for external use. I have been taking these medicines for 3 months. In addition I am taking neem leaves and aloe vera regularly everyday. I got some response and feel better than before.

I am now having one problem that is aching me for a long time. The thing is every year, when the season changes from summer to winter and winter to summer, the eczema lesions on my skin aggravates causing extreme dryness, redness, itching, burning, cracks and pain on my legs including ankles. This is severe in winter. I cannot walk or move properly with such pain and itching on my legs including ankles. Because of these problems, I cannot do any job properly.

Is there any ayurvedic medicine I may take in addition that will relieve me from these aggravations including pain, itching and burning? Can you suggest me any ointment or oil that will cure burning, itching and pain so that I can continue my job. I am saying this because during winter, when the lesions aggravate causing redness, dryness, pain and itching, I applied "Cocoa Butter with aloe vera" cream from "Fruit of the earth" and all my pain, itching and burning was gone. But my cousin, who is a pharmacist, read the ingredients of that cream and suggested me not to use it cause it has harmful steroids that will damage my kidneys on prolonged use on my skin. So I had to stop using that cream and started using guduchadi oil but I am not getting any relief.

So, I kindly ask all of you to suggest me any extra medicine (ayurvedic or herbal) and oil/ointment/cream that I may use to give me relief from these aggravataions. If I get relief from pain, burning, redness, cracks and itching then that would do. I just don't want to suffer any pain but let my skin heal from inside without any major aggravation on the skin so that I can continue my job.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Relief from pain and itching of skin

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Itching is really ridiculous and intolerable. It can cause to other skin disease. I have simple itching remedies that would be helpful for preventing itching problem due to bath:

1)Boil the neem leaves and then use this water for bathing.
2)Add a cup of the vinegar into your bath water and sit in the water well covered for around 15 minutes.
Hope these simple itching remedies will help for preventing itching.

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nice! :D

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