''Ama"" undigested toxins

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''Ama"" undigested toxins

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Does Ama play a role in causing disease?
heard many times from doctors about it. please guide....,

Dr. Rohit
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Re: ''Ama"" undigested toxins

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Ama or Aama is a called as the undigested toxins present in the body. some also regard it as undigested chyme.

causes of Aama -
1. overeating
2. eating before the previously eaten food is digested.
3. sleeping or lying immediately after food.
4. heavy exercise after eating a heavy meal.

yes Ama could be one of the major reasons for a disease. since this ama blocks the channels or nadis or strotas (channels) present thus causing many health problems.
the result of collection of such ama is regarded a big problem in Ayurveda.

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