Follow -up treatments

Everything about diagnosis will be discussed in this forum and how the treatment works. Do you know about "pulse diagnosis"? Here you can ask the experts, what it is about. And why does a certain constitution type need different oils for treatment than another? Just ask. There are many experts in this forum.
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Follow -up treatments

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How often should one have follow up consultations after initial diagnosis and treatments have been completed?

Dr. Rohit
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Re: Follow -up treatments

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Usually a normal followup consultation should be advised after 7 to 15 days.
As this helps us to understand the rate at which the treatment is progressing.
but in extreme cases and during panchakarma we like to check the patient every day or every alternate day.

Incase of detox and panchakarmas we advise patients to have it every 6 months to flush out the toxins.

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Re: Follow -up treatments

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Hi,Dr.Rohit,Thanks for consulting us.This information helpful for me.

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