pitta type?

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pitta type?

Post by jennimiller »

I have read from some books coffee , alcohol and spices is not good for pittas?

how much is it true?

hope to get ananswer from you

Dr. Rohit
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Re: pitta type?

Post by Dr. Rohit »

to know more let me explain-

kapha - earth + water dominated
pitta - fire + water dominated
vata - air + space dominated

so when we consider Pitta .
Pitta is said to be dominated by fire. If you clearly observe alcohol, spices,
vinegar and caffeine are heating.
Ayurveda thus considers the above mentioned not good for pittas

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Re: pitta type?

Post by Rishima »

Hi there,

have a look at this overview of tastes in Ayurveda:http://ayurvedadosha.org/ayurveda-diet/six-tastes
Right at the bottom you find which tastes are aggravating/soothing which Doshas. So Pitta is aggravated (amongst other things of course) by excessive intake of sour, salty or pungent tastes and alcohol falls under sour. I assume coffee would be a complex taste (making its effects less severe) containing bitter, but also has heating and drying effects which wouldn't be good for Pitta. However this doesn't mean you can't drink coffee at all, but closely watch its effects on your body. I reckon coffee wouldn't be good for you around noon or if you're in a hot temper. You can use Spices pretty well to balance your Doshas and change the overall quality of food (eg making its taste more complex which is good). E.g Fennel and Mint are cooling and turmeric is pretty good for every Dosha.

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