Yoga - My religion

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Yoga - My religion

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Since 10 years , I have now been practicing Yoga, as i was advised by Ayurveda Physician, he always recommended me to do grounding yoga, Then back in 2008 i didnt know what he meant, since 5 years i have been slowing down by pranayama and yin Yoga, i feel myself calmer in Mind,

so I consider
Yoga as my Prayer and my religion,
as i has calmed me and also taaken away my medicines for depression.

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Re: Yoga - My religion

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Nadi Shadhana Pranaya
Hi Jennifer,
As you have mentioned, Yoga as religion,
I Usually recommend my every 2nd patient to Practice - Nadi Shodhan Breathing or Pranayama.

as also Known as Nadi - meredians ( which Dr. Rohit always talks about)
Shodhana - to cleanup

= Nadi or meredian cleansing breathing, this practise is a beneficial practise and i recommend to practise this everywhere and everywhere to help balance and calm down also as a natural detox.

i think this can also be added in your practise -
A prayer for your body and mind.

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