Dhauti or cleanse in Yoga

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Dhauti or cleanse in Yoga

Post by jennimiller »

I have no experience about Dhauti or cleanse in Yoga , which come under shatkriya or shatkarma.
read a lot about it, can anyone let me know more about it please..

thanks and look forward

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Re: Dhauti or cleanse in Yoga

Post by DrDeep »

Hi Jenni,
shat is six and kriyas are cleansing procedures,

the simple ones you can practise is jivhamula dhauti and the more stronger ones are vaarisaara dhauti and kunjal kriya or also shankh prakshalana.
the last ones require some proffesional to guide you for the first few times and ones you have practiced you can do it alone.

some other cleansing procedures are also
1. nouli
2 neti
3. kapalbhati
4. nouli
5 kapalabhati
6. basti

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