Balant Kadha

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Balant Kadha

Post by haimadhav »

Greetings sir
my wife got delivered on 11 january 2014. some of my relatives suggested balant kadha . but when i purchased to my surprise there 1,2 and 3 .
and each with a specific period intake.

pharmacist says since its her first delivery suggested me to use first 1 then 2 and 3.


balant kadha 1 says : With in 10 days from the date of delivery
balant kadha 2 says : 10th day to 20th day
balant kadha 3 says : from day 20th to 60 days


i am in a total confusion .

please let us know which one i need to take now ? whether to take or not at this time.


Dr. Rohit
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Re: Balant Kadha

Post by Dr. Rohit »

namaste Haimadhav,

well you can still continue with balant kadha 3, but often dashmoolarista and shatavari are good combinations after 2-3 months post delivery.
the above i am mentioning based on our samhitas and experience and speaking to my ayurveda obstetician, however meeting an ayurveda obstretician personally will be the best , in such cases for a professional advise.

dr. rohit

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Re: Balant Kadha

Post by saliljd »

Hello Dr. Rohit,

My wife delivered a baby on July 23rd. She is taking thyroxine for her thyroid.

Is it still safe to take Balant Kadha with it. I live in Canada and my parents brought it from India when they came here.

Awaiting your reply

Thank You
Salil Deshpande

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