Kusuma Keshavardhini Oil

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Kusuma Keshavardhini Oil

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I met an ayurvedic doctor and he prescribed Kusuma Keshavardhini Oil. I forgot to ask him
how to apply it. I have dandruff and hairfall.

I want to know how Kusuma Keshavardhini Oil should be applied on the scalp.
Should it be applied over night or just like cocounut oil which i keep it through the day.

This Oil contains the Following:
Ingredients: Each 5 ml contains
Haretaki-100 mg, Bibhitaki- 100 mg, Amalaki-500 mg,
Chandana - 100mg, Thamala - 100mg,
Bilva - 100 mg, Kumari - 100mg, Bringa - 500mg,
Brahmi - 300mg, Jyothishmathi - 100mg, Jatasmani - 200mg,
Madayantika - 100mg, Amra - 100mg, Milk and Tila Taila Q.S

Please advice.

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