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I developed a theory out of my contact with ayurveda concerning the food and the digestion and I would like to know whether this is correct or not:
The part of the food that went through the bowel wall into the organism needs agni for being digested properly. If agni is low, the food can't be digested, I learnt. And if the food is not processed properly, there are remnants of the food that need to be stowed somewhere. So bradytroph tissues are chosen as a parking place for these remnants, aren't they?
And thus for example the cartilage of the joint that is nourished from the synovial fluid will incorporate a lot of the remnants, if there are any due to bad diet. And following this, arthrosis is a consequence of a bad lifelong diet.
Is this my conclusion correct or do I need to change some aspects of this?
Your wise advise is very welcome!
Greetings from Germany!

Dr. Rohit
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Re: Diet

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well correctly said, if you look for ayurveda consideration of digestion, agni or cellular metabolism is very important.
today in our practise every 2nd or 3rd person is suffering from low metabolism,or so called cellular agni.

this food if not taken by the body forms many things such as lactic acids and more toxins.
this can further lead to many health problems not only in joints but also for liver , pancreas and so on.

advise- being an ayurveda physician we recommend to practise breathings like 1. Anuloma -viloma
2. ujjai

also having mild herbs that will stimulate digestion.
also following a regular regime is imprtant.

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