Dairy products

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Dairy products

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Milk is good and I heard that yoghurt and other dairy products also are a good food ayurveda-wise.
On the other hand it is said that dairy products are slimy and can't be digested properly, at least at certain times.
Can someone help me understand how and/or when to take dairy products to prevent ailments?

Dr. Rohit
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Re: Dairy products

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it is my pleasure to answer to this question,
milk and milk products is today a topic of discussion,
as per ayurveda for sure milk and milk products are good if they are digested,

i will put forth my opinion and may be some more ayurveda experts can put theirs too.

1. today as i travel to many countries we see the cows are more given chemicals to yield more milk, this cows are also heavy and also in a small area.
where as you see the cows in India they are moving everywhere and eating all types of grass. this helps the cows to be healthy and provide good quality of milk.

2. also we consider the metabolism and digestion an important factor, Today in our practise we see so many people cant digest heavy foods. so incase it can be digested it will be good for the body, if not it only results in ama ( toxins)

3. milk in ayurveda is also taken with many herbs and also acts like a healthy rejuvenating tonic if properly taken.

so considering the digestion, lifestyle and regime milk could be taken.

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