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Ashwagandha is a strong tonic and helps reinforce power. There are two formulations: Lehyam (paste) and the pure capsules. I used to take the paste and was very happy. But since I don't get the paste in Germany and I try to keep away from sugar, I would like to take the capsules. What is the difference? And will the pure capsules also help me regain power?

What is the recommended daily dosage for regaining strength and power?

How long can one take it?
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Re: Ashwagandha

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ashwagandha as the name suggests ashwa - Horse and gandha- odour or power of horse.

ashwagandha is a potent drug and also helpful for restoring energy, also called as withania somnifera.
if taken properly in right doasge helps in restoring health and mind . so the name also suggests somnifera - inducing sleep.

ashwagandha can be taken regularly for rasayana purpose like 1 mg. often with milk, or warm water.

if taken in morning acts to build energy and if taken in evening helps sleep.( however in practise we see many people get too much active after ashwagandha so we ask to take in mornings and afternoon)

the best way to take ashwagandha will be in powder form, if not tablet, or capsule.
ashwagandharishta ( medicated wine from ashwagandha) is also another option.

many a times people having stress with weakness of mind and anxiety - ashwagandha is seen very helpful. it can be given for atleast 3 months without any problem.

note- pitta people should not take too mcuh if felt acidic.

( please feel free to add your opinions, i have written from my experiences)

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