Concept of AGNI

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Concept of AGNI

Post by Dmitry »

I would like to know from you the concept of agni more in details.

I beleve that ayurveda considers digestion along with AMA as an important concept. I would like you to share it with every 1 here.


Dr. Rohit
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Re: Concept of AGNI

Post by Dr. Rohit »

Agni- is an important concept in ayurveda. It is regarded as the digestive fire present in all cells.
Ayurveda considers digestion takes place not only at Gastro-intestinal tract but also at each cellular level. thus anexample of a person who might feel hungry very fast but he still remains overweight.

Agni is also regarded to be digestive Enzymes, Hormones and also emotions and all transformation processes in our body.

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Re: Concept of AGNI

Post by DarrelCornell »

The Agni or physique fire helps to digest the food which is absorbed, more like the fire of a stove cooks the aliment kept on it.The factors which helps Agni to digest the aliment entirely: Thridoshas -Vata , Pitta and Kapha help Agni to absorb the food.

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