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Swarnaprashana - is one of the sixteen ‘Sanskar’ (rituals) which described in Ancient Indian Scriptural. To lick Gold to the child is originally ‘Swarnaprashana’. ‘Swarnaprashana ’ is a mixture of Gold, such nice herbs, cow ghee and honey administer in specific time i.e Pushya Nakshatra.
Swarnaprashan is given newborn to sixteenth years aged children. Any one can get benefits of it by starting any time up to sixteen years of age.

Benefits of Swarnaprashana :-

Swarnaprashana improves Intelligence, improves immunity & prevented by bacterial and viral infections, Digestive fire, physical power. It gives long, spiritual, holy and saintly life. Six months of regular use of Suvarnaprashan make child very intelligent, and he can remember all heard by him, means it improves memory and intelligence.

Dr :- om_ayuryoga

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