First visit in your clinic

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First visit in your clinic

Post by FunkySunshine »

I am travelling to Goa for a yoga retreat end of November 2010. I would be interested to get an appointment in your clinic for a medical check and treatments.
I do not feel sick in particular, but would just generally like to know, whether my body is healthy or what I could do that is good for me.
How would the procedure be? What would you do or what do you think you can do? Can I also get massages in your clinic? Is there a price list?
Lots of questions... I Know... :-)
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Best regards,

Dr. Thomas
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Re: First visit in your clinic

Post by Dr. Thomas »

Dear Martina,
thank you for your posting.
We experienced some troubles with spam-bots and had to change our security measures.
We would be happy to welcome you either in Baga or in Mandrem where we are just starting a new clinic.
You will be advised of all your questions. Just arrive and show up in the clinic. If you need some help where to stay, just call us.
First there will be a consultation, in which you are informed about your body type and active imbalances. Based on this imbalancies, you are offered massages or panchakarma cure depending on the circumstances of your stay that help reducing the ama in your body and reestablish health.
Consultation is about 1000 INR, body massages and shirodhara (Stirnguss mit Öl) cost 800, foot massages are about 300 INR.
A price list will appear soon, we are working on this.
If you decide to take a package, certain discounts will occur.
If there are any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
We are looking forward to seeing you!
Cordially Yours,
Dr. Thomas

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