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dear Doctors ,
i read in the topic of triphala , about you discussing about triphala helping in weight reduction.

I am really keen to know more - how ayurveda thinks about weight reduction.

i have heard different ffrom different people but want to hear from proffesionals.

Dr.Sandip Sawant
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Basically Weight problem is a Metabolic disease in which primarily Agni (Digestive Fire) & Meda Dhatu(Fat Tissue) are involved.

Here we will have to understand the entire process in brief.
Whatever we eat is digested by Agni. This nourishment is transported to the body tissues by Minute channels called as Srotasas & then this is converted into body tissues by Dhatwagni(Dhatu specific Digestive fire).

If anything goes wrong in the entire process, leads to Diseases.

Obesity is similar problem wherein Agni is unable to digest food properly which leads to Aam(Undigested/Semidigested food) formation, which obstructs most of the body channels & only Meda Dhatu is Nourished that too in unhealthy manner because of improper functioning of Meda Dhatwagni.

Hence here simple concept of Ayurveda should be applied i.e
1.Increase Agni so that Proper digestion will take place
2.Clear blockages from the Srotas
3.Improve Dhatwagni so that healthy Meda Dhatu is formed

Triphala does all the above mentioned actions and mainly acts on Dhatwagni hence has specific action on Meda Dhatu.

This is basic concept in brief.

For any further queries, pls revert back

Dr.Sandip Sawant

Dr. Rohit
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Thanks Dr. Sandip.

I would like to add up to Dr. Sandip.

we largely believe that weight of the person lies in the bones and the muscles so we have to think about the increase in fat and adipose tissue in the body, that we should worry about.
we believe in the concept of strotas that is channels. when this channels get blocked we observe lots of aama and other impurities getting collected in our body.
so we should aim to have our body channels clean and pure.
when our body tissues specially the fat cells get collected or deposited more than normal, we would call it as an imbalance.

so as Dr. Sandip said its important to think of agni - digestive fire at all levels in our body.
and channels that is strotas.

Some Tips -
1. drink water only as much as required . do not over drink that could cause blockage of channels.
2. the time period between sleep or lying down and last meal should be atleast 5 hours.
3. avoid a heavy meal at night and prefer soups.
4. avoid day sleep - this blocks channels also decreases the body fire and making you heavy.
5. long walks after every meal is prefered.

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Overweight is one of the common probelems people are facing these days.every one want to lokk fit and slim. yoga is basically the westernized version of Yoga. While the general concept is the same, the session is accompanied by physically demanding activities not generally associated with yoga practices.

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Here are some suggestions for weight reduction

Tip 1: Find out how many calories you need
Tip 2: Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day
Tip 3: Watch for Portion Size
Tip 4: Do not Skip Meals
Tip 5: Go for wholesome fresh foods
Tip 6: Don't be overly-restrictive
Tip 7: Understand Food Claims and Labels
Tip 8: Watch for the sugary drinks
Tip 9: Keep a food journal
Tip 10: Exercise, period

Dr. Rohit
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I would like to add a very important point.

IN our practise we have seen that even when we do weight reduction the weight of many remain the same . but they do definitely feel the difference in the size of the waist and hips and arms.

In this cases loosing weight shouldn't be the target but loosing inches is important.

Happy weight loss

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I am much happy and also impressed by your experience. I like the way which you have shared a very nice experience with weight loss using ayurveda products.

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Exercise and a controled diet are the key factors in fat loss and weight reduction.Intentional weight loss refers to the loss of absolute physique accumulation in an accomplishment to advance exercise and health, and to change appearance.

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Reducing weight is increasingly becoming popular across the world. Sedentary lifestyle and increasing number of lifestyle related therapeutic conditions are further propelling everyone towards wellness and fitness. The most common lifestyle disorder symptom is weight gain.
Here are a few weight reduction tips to lose weight.
1. Don’t starve yourself: The most common myth amongst people for weight reduction is a strict diet. Few go on yo-yo or crash diet, low calorie diets, atkins diet, banana diet etc. But they fail to reduce weight. Starving sends the message of not enough food and the body slows down the metabolism reducing the speed of calorie burn. Thus fat and the extra pounds burn much more slower than before making weight reduction difficult.
2. Don’t skip breakfast: If you skip the nutrition at breakfast then there is seldom chance that you would make it later in the day. Skipping breakfast lowers the metabolism and lack of nutrition makes the body become weak and vulnerable to eating snacks and junk food later in the day. Eat healthy food for breakfast and you would feel fuller and eat less too.
3. Eat meals on time: Non timely meals disturb the body metabolic cycle making it difficult for the body to adapt to a schedule. Also eating meals late makes you tend to over eat because staying hungry for longer makes you feel hungrier psychology resulting in overeating. Hunger reduces the efficiency of the body reducing the metabolism, hence the weight reduction. Time your meals and watch the progress.
4. Drink hot water: We have been often advised to drink lots of water. Yes drink water but having hot water increase the rate of metabolism and helps in weight reduction. Unlimited Offer!
5. Say no to junk food: If you really want to lose weight you would have learn by now to say no to junk food. The flavor taste and satisfaction that junk food provide makes us binge on it regularly. The extra calories gained by eating junk ends the weight reduction effort whether you eat healthy or exercise. The huge number of calories that we gain is much more than we lose and thus the rest gets saved as fat.

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Intermittent fasting is often highly valued. The easiest way to do this is to skip breakfast. Would that be counterproductive?

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