Vein/Artery problems with my mother

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Vein/Artery problems with my mother

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After successfully healing my lungs according to the suggestions from Dr. Rohit and Dr. Prathameshkarpe, I would like to ask if you could help with a problem that my mother has been having for many years.
This is probably going to be a very poor explanation of her condition, therefore I took 2 pictures of it. I posted them here before but the post was rejected because of the links to the pictures. Dr. Rohit, or Dr. Prathameshkarpe, or anyone else, if the below explanation is not sufficient, I can email the pictures to you.

Anyway here is the explanation:
My mother said 30 years ago, she started to have the blood in her veins hardened up, clog up and turned dark in the knee area of her left leg. The veins would have bumps on them and those bumps would be dark red/purple color. In the beginning this didn't bother her much but as time went by this moved from her knee to her ankle and the spread to a big amount of her foot. She says it hurts for her walk now. She also says that some people use leeched to suck out the hardened blood but I am not sure she would do that procedure. She is 60+ years old and a little bit overweight. She also developed in the last couple of years a hyperthyroid. Not sure if you need to know this when suggesting a remedy.

If you could suggest something for her I would greatly appreciate it.
Can I use the Upload Attachment functionality on the reply to topic screen to post these two pictures as an attachment?

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