Self-Abhyanga massage

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Self-Abhyanga massage

Post by rtucker »

I had a question about sesame oil you use for self-abhyanga massage. I bought organic unrefined first cold pressed and used the instructions from this youtube video
I did it for a couple of day and found I was starting to get acne on my face. I've read that the oil should be cured as well. Can someone give me tips?


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Post by DesmondLak »

Hi everyone I am looking for some thoughts, tips, info on creating and offering a light massage where a self tanner is applied. It is always hard to apply to oneself and seems like a cost effective alternative to air brushing...What do you all think? How would you advertise it? Have you ever done one or had one done to you? How about prices? Techniques? Self Tanner reccomendations? Thanks

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Re: Self-Abhyanga massage

Post by jennimiller »

Hi Robbie,
i also had the same issue, i had read the same and used to apply sesame oil, which gave me acne.

this is when i went to an Ayurveda physician and he told me if you are pitta imbalance best to apply coconut oil.

is this right? i am n ot very sure,

but since than, in winters i apply sesame and in summers coconut.

yours views awaited.....

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Re: Self-Abhyanga massage

Post by Yogi321 »

As A Yoga practitoner , I am following this on regular basis.

i think really benefits my mind and my joints,

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